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Ready to Get Started!

GSGroup’s on-boarding program gathered more than 40 new employees

Everyone knows that starting a new job is exciting, and at times a little overwhelming. Every company has different ways of doing things, and it takes time to learn the history, programs and routines, especially in an international firm.

This is something that we take seriously in GSGroup. We are an international company with 15 offices in 9 countries. Our on-boarding program Get Started is important for several reasons, for getting to meet our new colleagues and exchange ideas and in sight.

CEO of GSGroup, Espen Virik Ranvik says it is important to learn the values of the organisation.

- Our values have a direct impact on how me meet our customer promise together. It’s all about our people and how we value our customers, Ranvik states.

Through team challenges, talks, discussions and presentations this year’s Get Started! gathered more than 40 employees in Esbjerg, Denmark, and feedback tells us why it is important to continue having these on-boarding programs.

- It was nice to meet new co-workers :) I’m glad that I can be part of our community :)

- The chance of meeting new colleagues outside the normal working situation, to work and talk together, to have the chance to meet with colleagues across nationalities, professions and rank (..) to get faces and voices put on the email addresses is the best team spirit booster.

- I think we had some good hours together with lots of fun and laughter here in Esbjerg. Thank you for that, and I am already looking forward to next time.

- This has been a couple of fantastic and inspiring days together with our newest employees. It really gives us a boost of energy and the will to succeed together, Ranvik says.