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GSGroup will be delivering tracking units to Posten Norge AS

Photo: Håvard Jørstad/Posten

GSGroup recently won a tender and secured one of the biggest IoT contracts in Norway.


- It was a huge satisfaction when I received the email from Posten, stating that we were offered the tender, sales manager Morgan Kittilsen in GSGroup says.

The process that started in 2017, were initiated by Posten Norge to find a system for future development and cost savings for the organisation. Division director Morten Berntsen in GSGroup, says it means a lot for a company from the county of Vestfold to secure a contract of such a size.

- This is one of the biggest IoT-contracts ever signed in Norway and shows that the technological development both in GSGroup and in Vestfold are recognised both nationally and internationally, Berntsen says.

 Leading European provider

The tender involves a delivery of over 4000 tracking units to containers and trailers. Posten Norge has several thousand containers on the road daily and wanted a better overview.

-Posten Norge is one of the biggest logistics operators in the Nordic countries, with several divisions and subsidiaries. We wanted to establish a more comprehensive tracking system for objects without its own electrical supply, Head of PR and communications John Eckhoff in Posten Norge says.

One of Posten’s most important requirements for such a system was sensors with a large battery capacity, combined with a good price, and flexible technology providing insight.

- With one application that is suitable for both web and mobile, Posten gets the total transparency they desired. This will reduce maintenance cost of multiple systems. At the same time Posten will only have one supplier to deal with, which makes communications easier, Kittilsen says.

GSGroup have had a strong development over the last couple of years with significant growth within its core business.  Among the successes, GSGroup has been delivering the technology behind Telenor’s venture “Smart arbeidsdag” (Smart workday) and delivers fleet management systems to several municipals in Norway. The most recent acquisition was the Danish sensor manufacturer Flextrack, which strengthens GSGroup’s leading role within applied sensor technology.

-GSGroup is a provider that has been in the tracking and recovery market for 25 years. This is a long time even at an international scale. It is exciting and rewarding to be a part of an organisation that loves to solve new challenges with the use of technology, Kittilsen says.

A proud moment

The first start up meeting between the parties took place on November 12th. Kittilsen describes the process as neat and transparent and says Posten is eager to get moving. 

-It is nice to deliver products to a customer that experiences growth, and where our products are highly requested. The fact Posten are eager to get everything in place, shows that the solution is right for them and serves a purpose. We have lots of experience with large projects such as this. Add to that Posten is a professional organisation, this implementation should go very well, says Kittilsen who looks forward to the future cooperation.

- This has been an impressive team-work, where resources from all corners of the company has worked together to meet the requirements that were given. Today we are proud, Berntsen states.

About GSGroup

GSGroup is one of the leading European providers of services and solutions for mobile data collection. The company’s product portfolio consists of the brands Handyman, Smartday, Guard Systems, Spotguard, Paikannin.com and MyFleet. The company was established in 1992, and in addition to the main office which is situated in Sandefjord, GSGroup today has 13 other offices in 9 European countries. GSGroup also has a wide range of partners around Europe. 2017 was a record year for the company with a turnover of close to 195 million NOK.

About Posten Norge

Posten Norge AS is a Nordic post and logistics company that develops and delivers solutions within the post, communication and logistics department. The company has two brands in the market -  Posten and Bring

Contact information

Espen Virik Ranvik
CEO, GSGroup

+ 47 22 00 40 00

John Eckhoff

Head of PR and communications, Posten Norge AS

+ 47 913 97 071