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Delivers the technology behind Telenors new venture

In these days Telenor rolls out the new service "Smart Arbeidsdag" (Smart Workday).

November 3rd, Telenor launched “Smart Workday”(Smart Arbeidsdag), a service to make it easier for SME companies to achieve a more efficient and paperless business. The key feature of the venture is Smartday, a solution developed and delivered by GSGroup.

GSGroup is one of the leading European providers of services and solutions for mobile data collection. The first release of Smartday was launched in 2003, and since 2015 the solution has been a cloud-based service. The Smartday solution is part of the company product portfolio, totaling more than 120,000 active subscriptions and daily users around Europe.

Strong partnership
The cooperation with Telenor and Smart Workday is a giant leap in the right direction towards a fully digitalized SME market. CEO of GSGroup, Espen Virik Ranvik, strongly believes in the innovation now being rolled out.

GSGroup delivers the technology and knowledge, Telenor opens the markets and has the commercial strengths. Together, we provide our customers with the insight and overview they need for their operations. It will enable these companies to lift their focus and be well equipped to meet the future, says Virik Ranvik.

Proven technology

Smartday is well incorporated in the market and is used daily by numerous small and medium-sized companies around Norway and Europe, particularly in the service industry. That experience is being one of the main reasons Telenor contacted GSGroup when they were to build the Smart Workday concept.

– Telenor has been keen to get the most key features for a field worker, or a service company, into one App, thus eliminating challenges such as paper-based systems and duplication, states Stephen Parsli, head of Telenor’s Cloud Services

– When such a significant leader as Telenor reaches out GSGroup to join as partner and integrate our product into their offerings, it’s a strong testament to our Smartday solution, says Virik Ranvik.

Digitalizing for the future
Smartday makes a paperless workday possible and GSGroup believes it is essential for all field service companies to embrace digitalization if they want to keep the overview, gain insight and be more time-efficient in the future.

-We know that the field-service industry so far has had only a moderate adoption of digital tools. Research shows that five out of ten still rely on paper-based systems when registering orders. This represent a high risk of errors and a lot of time goes away for unnecessary paperwork. Applying services like our Smartday will really help streamline operations and contribute to increased value creation, concludes Virik Ranvik.